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S/S Fibres

Stainless steel fibres are used for reinforcing refractory concrete, providing a much tougher lining with higher tensile, flexural and shear strengths. Stainless fibre reinforcement imparts substantially improved resistance to damage from thermal shock, mechanical abuse, impact and vibration. The fibres also act as crack arresters allowing a lining to perform better under abrasive conditions.

S/S Fibres

The fibres help to knit the refractory together as an integral mass contributing to a longer operational life - a significant advantage as the lining wears, becomes thinner and more brittle. Fibres are manufactured by the melt extraction process specifically for refractory conditions. This specialized process produces an annealed fibre having the specific and unique properties required for refractory operating conditions Standard alloys available are 446, 310, 304, 430 and 330 in stock lengths of 25 and 35mm. Our standard stocked fibre is ME446 25mm.

S/S Fibres Data Sheet

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